Things to avoid when breeding sham

Magpies are not only beautiful birds but also sing well, the method of  raising  them is not so difficult that many people like them. However, there are things to avoid when  raising cocktails,  please follow the article below.

What do you need to avoid when injecting meat?

Things to avoid when breeding sham

Things to avoid when  breeding magpie 

1 / Lack of sunlight:

Birds that are not exposed to the sun will have ruffled feathers, slowness, and loss of fire.

2 / Exposure to sunlight for too long:

Birds need sunlight to replenish Vitamin D and help birds trim their wings and make their wings look neat and shiny. is the morning sunshine.

- Every day should be exposed once (about 15-30 minutes), if there is no time, then every other day. If it is not possible to sun in the morning, it can be in the afternoon sun, but the time is shortened.

- When the bird is exposed in the sun, watch out if the bird is open to the beak when the bird is very hard to endure and bring it to shade immediately. If left for long will blind the eyes, dead birds.

- Dark cavalry at 12 o'clock in the afternoon sun because the intense sunlight easily blinds the birds.

- Do not expose to the sun after bathing, because the feathers of the birds will be damaged.

3 / Big worm feeding:

Things to avoid when breeding sham

Only feed the small worm, the young superworm, which is about 2 cm long, if the bird feeds the large worm, it will suffocate to death (special note for the sand).

4 / The bird meal has been moldy for so long:

Should only buy moderate quantities of flour, if purchased in large reserves will damage the powder, birds eat diarrhea.

5 / Feed boring food:

In nature, birds eat a variety of food that we do not know about. When we raise in cages, we only feed some common types such as worms, big worms, crickets, locusts, ant eggs ... so we have to pay attention to birds. like it or not, you should change your taste by adding earth cockroaches, spiders, lizard tails ... (except when the birds change their feathers).

6 / Put the cage near the big bird or bird with big voice:

Hanging the cage near a place where there are large birds of other species or other birds singing loudly will make the birds shy and underdog.

7 / Hanging cage with corrugated iron roof:

The heat from the roof shines down, causing the bird to suffer from heat exhaustion and exhaustion.

Wishing you every success with  a magpie warp  as well as a good magpie warp !