The technique of raising and taking care of Son song birds is extremely extreme

In the songbird culture technique, the vocalists have a good voice, they need to learn the characteristics and characteristics of them.

How to choose a songbird

If choosing an old lark, it is certainly very difficult to tame, so often the lark keepers choose young birds to feed. However, you must also note that the male lark and the female are similar in color, so it is difficult for you to distinguish. You can tell the difference is the male has bigger head, chest, shoulders than the female. The breast of the male has more feathers than the female, when moving or moving the head of the male or protrudes up and down, the male's chest is often split.

The technique of raising and taking care of Son song birds is extremely extreme

For successful songbird farming techniques, the selection of seed is extremely important. Illustration

How to choose cages for Son ca birds

Son ca birds must have high cages, strong bottoms to hold sand, mushrooms for birds to stand. Also have to choose how many mushrooms to practice for Son Ca to stand up. Chim ca ca just bought you and put them in a cage about 70cm low with low mushrooms. If the bird belongs, find a cage about 1.2m high and about 15cm long. If the bird has just moved and sang, then the cage should be as high as possible because if the cage is lower than the Son ca flying and touching the roof, the bird will not move anymore.

Technology to raise and care for Son ca birds

For successful songbird farming techniques, the care is extremely important. If you raise a few young birds, they cannot sing themselves, even if you have 1 to 2 seasons. Therefore, when raising we must have a teacher or two birds that have been singing for many seasons. Thus, during the feeding period, the young birds always listen to the birds singing and gradually they will sing along.

Chim ca ca is afraid of the dark. So every morning we should let them sunbathe for 2 to 3 hours and then bring to hang cool place with lots of light. Especially at night or during the moulting season, it is not recommended to bundle cage. In a week we should force them to wash their feet with water mixed with a little salt, clean their toenails if too long and replace new sand so that their residence is always clean.


In the wild, songbirds often eat insects such as insects, crickets, cockroaches and grass seeds and dry plant seeds on the ground. When caged in cages we should make food for them such as stork bran, chicken bran, egg bran .. In order for Son song birds to be healthy, you should choose a stable and complete bran.

During the time of new bird buying, or the weather changes erratically, it is more and more stable in food, cage. You should avoid paying too much attention or neglecting them, both of which are bad for the bird.

The feeding of fresh worms, too many crickets and too much bran may not be beneficial to Son song birds, or even cause harm, and the birds will easily die. Bran should have a lot of fiber content, help birds digest well. Stork bran and chicken bran eat well, but bran does not have deodorant in manure, so the bird feces will smell like chicken manure.

The technique of raising and taking care of Son song birds is extremely extreme

In the songbird raising technique, the training to make the birds sing or be really patient. Illustration

How to bathe the lark

These birds don't bath with water but bath with sand so we need to change the sand once a week for them. At least every 2 weeks, the sand used for bird bathing is fine sand and should be seen regularly to prevent the birds from getting lice. When a sandbox uses 2 feathers to close the door and then swings the bird to the side of the sand, do not catch the bird so it will be shy.

How to train the birds to sing well

To get a songbird or sing requires you to go through a process of raising, caring for, training it very carefully. Must undergo a period of molting, one cage change and a few months to start singing birds. Therefore, to be able to choose a good songbird, you should buy 10 young birds to raise and train at the same time so that you can choose the best hot bird. Usually, when people do Hue nightingale, the selection has a higher success rate.

Preventing and treating Son shift bird disease

Songbirds often have diarrhea. The reason is that the bran may be moldy due to the rain or leave the airless places that I have not noticed. Sometimes bran has too much protein, eat too much fresh bait that birds do not digest. Therefore, pay attention to bran, to bran in dry, cool places, avoid mold moisture. Especially also need to pay attention to freezing bran on rainy days.

Songbirds may also have a swollen, swollen edge, or a small, acne-like lump. It is a sign of lack of substance or inserting mines into the cage. You need to supplement your bird with nutrients like vitamin A in fish oil. If you don't let the small acne on the old edge become a hard, white lump, just remove the needle. When the nucleus has been removed from the wound, it will heal automatically and quickly