How to raise and care for the magpie warbler

The  song magpie while standing still for a long time, noting that it is usually 15 minutes or a half hour, with a confident appearance, a well-rounded and passionate song. The voice of the  magpie  is certain, unmistakable with that of other birds so it is often favored by the avian gamer.

Instructions on how to breed and care for the magpie warbler

How to choose coal magpie

How to raise and care for the magpie warbler

Should choose a male bird with white spots on both wings, the female does not have this white spot.

Buying a young bird should choose a bird that has opened its eyes, covered with young feathers and has no puffiness. Birds hatch one week old, yellow edge, beak open for food, proving healthy birds, not afraid of premature death.

See the eyes, beak, wings, feet are not deformed, the toes are full of nails. The color of the feathers must be black and white, then the adult bird will look beautiful ... If the bird is thin, the whip is good, the bird will be thick and thick, the penguin will not be beautiful. Buying baby birds in Duc Hoa, Duc Hue (Long An) or Ben Soi (Tay Ninh) is very good because the birds in this area are hard-working, thin, long-haired, black-and-white feathers clearly not smudged like regions Other, especially the broad-finged splay spread. Note that when you want to raise young birds, you should choose "early season" chicks to feed, healthy birds, eat strong, grow fast.


How to raise and care for the magpie warbler

Every day, let the young birds eat early because overnight they are very hungry. Feed the birds until the birds stop taking their beaks and stop eating them.Each hour, they should be fed once, and at 8pm, the birdcage will sleep, avoid mosquito bites, ant bites and keep the birds warm.

Feed the birds the following types: ant eggs, dipping locusts, crickets and extra miles of peanut powder mixed with eggs (mixed with water to make paste and then feed to feed birds). Do not forget to give the bird water to drink, because the bird water grows quickly, without water the bird will die.

After 7-10 days of feeding, the chicks can jump to the bridge, so keep the bridge very low so that the bird can jump up and down easily, make the bird active - "exercise" will easily digest food , eat a lot and grow fast.

By this time we hang more freezing water, deep freeze for birds to feed themselves, still put more young locusts to bird familiar owner and brave.

The third week, you can give the  magpie to  eat dough mixed with some fresh worms, the paste will only be eaten during the day.If the meal is not finished, it must be discarded, the sour bird powder will hurt the stomach. Young birds are greedy eaters so they grow up fast, by the fourth week the birds can live independently, eating and drinking does not need to be fed or fed.

Birds say the wind

Saying the wind was a bird "the three stingers" in its small mouth, listening to itself. At that time, the bird's throat swelled up and fell down continuously making "wired" sounds ... At first, the bird said the wind was small, gradually bigger, clearer, longer and we could enjoy the talent. the bird's turmeric.

Practice bathing

How to raise and care for the magpie warbler

Birds should have formed stature, young feathers have been hard, jumping around, seeing that people who know how to wear surgery can practice bathing in the water.

When I first came to the bird cage, I refused to go through the shower cage. a few fresh worms, the bird sees the cow worm, ready to go hungry to eat, wait for the bird to finish, we will chase the bird back to the cage. Chasing through the shower, luring birds into the bath tub and then chasing back feathers for birds to get used to, it is to train birds to reflexively and gradually get used to the shower. Later continue to put a little water and deep into the pot, the greedy bird will eat the worm, and in the water it will get used to it. Should be careful not to water the bird's pillow because the sting is a watery species, if you pour a lot of water, it will not bathe. For birds to bath from 10 - 12 noon is good, birds will bath themselves, they will preen feathers, oil birds in the potting buoy fishing pores each feather for smooth feathers.

Shower cages should be placed horizontally with cages, birds can easily fly over to perch. Do not change the tub and tub when the bird is used to the old. A bird bath is a bird that takes its wings, dips its tail, ruffles its feathers, swings its head and splashs water, then leaps to the bridge to preen, it is a wave, let the bird bath about three times, it is enough for the bird to return to the cage feed and expose to the sun. Sun exposure, sunbathing are birds standing on the bridge to preen, to the bottom of the cage stretching their wings, stretching their tails, ruffling feathers to the sun to go into the skin, feathers to kill lice and mites. Sunbathing for about 20 minutes, then bring it to a cool place, so that the bird will not "sunbathe", when the bird bathes, I take advantage of cleaning the cage, changing the father of the cage ... and watching the dogs and cats pounce on the birds. When going to the shower cage and chasing the bird back to the cage, be careful of losing your bird.


By May, the solar calendar also begins the rainy season, birds shed feathers "blood" to mature feathers. At first, some black hairs on his head, on himself. Black hair gradually descends from the head, wing feathers, and tail hair grow out. At this time, the birds are changing their feathers, their health is reduced, so they have to replenish their birds and take time to rest. After about 2 months, the birds have finished changing feathers, birds have completely renovated, birds have new feathers with two colors. pronounced black and white. Birds are singing loudly but are still young and not yet mature. We should take them for a walk.

Bunch of birds

Bring the bird to the bird bursting, here the birds meet to show off their competitive voice. Young adult birds should hang away from home, not hanging near aggressive "old" birds will make new birds panic and stop singing. Ground warbler often have a "pee" voice, if learned the warbler voice early in life as a bird, it would lose its inherent pee.

Birds "have fire - intense fire"

By December of the Gregorian calendar is the dry season, birds start "having fire" to sing, birds of fire are birds "black throat", birds' feathers close, slender. At this time, the birds in the season should often flutter their wings, spread tail tail dance ... and prepare for new birds.

Charcoal-white warbler  is bred in cages of 32cm high, with a bottom diameter of 23 - 25cm is suitable, wish you success!