Useful tips for vegetarians when traveling

Learn about vegetarianism when traveling to your destination

On the website, there is a series of vegetarian restaurants in the world, and the travel guide books have a vegetarian list. When you visit a place (foreign travel), you can communicate with the locals in English or local languages ​​to ask for more information about the vegetarianism of that place. 

Useful tips for vegetarians when traveling
Learn carefully about the country in the vegetarian diet when traveling - Photo:

Besides, remember to learn more about the typical dishes of each region. Most countries have specialty dishes and some will be vegetarian. Such as tofu and tsukemono (mini vegetables) in Japan, amarillos (fried bananas) in Puerto Rico, gazpacho in Spain, or bibimbap (a bowl full of rice, vegetables and eggs) in Korea. At the same time, you should note that some pure vegetable dishes have a few more ingredients of salty food such as meat or fish sauce, you should ask the restaurant department not to put them in vegetarian food. 

The facilities available on application are facilities that help you find the nearest restaurant address that you visit, explore or stay based on GPS navigation. It is also a free mobile application for both Ios and Android operating systems, which is very convenient for those who are vegetarian or vegan hobbyists when traveling. 

Useful tips for vegetarians when traveling
Happycow application helps you find a vegetarian address easily during your travels - Photo:

Besides, there are still many applications that help you in your search for a list of vegetarian restaurants, namely Yelp and Eater. At the same time they also give you a series of results related to the location of the hotel, gym or bar ... making the trip becomes convenient and easy. 


Book a hotel with vegetarian service 

Currently, there are many hotels interested in health care for customers, especially many customers who have a vegan and vegetarian diet. Not only that, the cruise still has this special care. Therefore, if you intend to tour instead of self-sufficiency before you book, ask and ask the company staff about the vegetarian menu for the entire trip.

Useful tips for vegetarians when traveling
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If you go on your own, find out if your guest is planning to stay during a vegetarian trip or if the surrounding area near the hotel is available thanks to the app. described above.


Learn about local terminology

Vegan and vegan are understood in two different meanings, not always in English correctly translated in another language. Ideally, before you make the trip, be sure to thoroughly understand the local terms related to the use of these two phrases. Practice saying 'I am vegetarian' or some related phrases. If the waiters or chefs don't understand it, write it down in paper in English or local language in a notebook, convenient for ordering. 

Useful tips for vegetarians when traveling
When ordering food, you should tell the food staff about the ingredients - Photo:

As with the information mentioned above, when you order, due to the language barrier, ask the waiter or the chef carefully about the ingredients. Does the broth have bones, fish, butter or other ingredients related to eating salty or not. Vegetarianism is simply understood and understood as 'no eggs, no milk, no meat, no fish, no chicken'. 


Bring along extra food 

Traveling waiting at the airport after the transit makes you tired, hungry, before making the trip, prepare in the luggage some dried food (some countries do not require harsh food problem). Dried fruits, nuts, cereal cakes or canned vegan foods ... will be a lifesaver for you in the case of a vegetarian when traveling, hungry stomach. 

Useful tips for vegetarians when traveling
Bring dry food on a travel itinerary - Photo:


Discover local markets

If there is really no other way for vegetarians to travel, you are just exploring the local markets to enjoy vegetables, fruits and vegetables. This is a very special experience, bringing you many interesting things as well as helping you maintain abundant energy throughout the journey. 

Useful tips for vegetarians when traveling
Explore the local market to learn and enjoy vegetarian food on the journey - Photo:

Now vegans no longer have to worry about eating when traveling. Apply the tips shared above to help you have a trip full of fun, convenience and health guaranteed during the journey to conquer.