Technique for raising and taking care of discus fish

1.  Stocking discus fish

- Choose the same 

+ Buy parents: color at will, round, full (not too fat), healthy, intact fins, quick reflexes, bought from successful artisans.
+ If buying young fish (not colored), you need to know the origin (parents): healthy, uniform fish, evenly distributed in the lake, not pooled at the lake, quick reflexes, often focusing on troughs eat.

Technique for raising and taking care of discus fish

- Breeding

+ Prepare drop water with water environment elements similar to the water where the fish are living (pH, temperature, hardness ...), circulating filtration, temperature rise and aeration.
+ Stocking fingerlings in tanks (20-30 minutes) to balance temperature
+ Bathing fish before stocking in formal solution (37%) at a concentration of 100ppm (100 ml / 1000 liters of water) within 5-10 minutes .
+ Release fish slowly into the lake,
+ Isolate newly bought fish in 2 weeks to monitor.

2.  Caring for discus


- The type of food

+ Fish 15 - 30 days old: feed Artemia, Moina
+ Fish from 1 month of age onwards: eat earthworms, cast larvae
+ Fish from 3 months old: eat earthworms, also throw larvae, ground meat, fry

-Prepare food 

+ Worms, Moina, Toss: buy back for a few hours to eliminate all waste in their intestines, rinse with clean water several times, remove live fish for feeding, then aeration to leave for eat later.
+ Homemade food: recipe for 1 kg of frozen food:
500 - 550g beef heart or beef (remove fat, tendon)
400 g fresh shrimp
50 g adhesive
All are pureed, put in nylon bag, rolled up, put in freezer compartment and feed gradually. Can be stored for 1-2 months. Can add spirulina (10g –20g / kg feed).

- How to feed a discus 

+ Should feed the fish in the feeder (easy to control, monitor)
+ Feed 2 - 4 times a day, from 09-15 hours
+ Feed just enough or a little lacking, do not overeat
+ Feed fish: Plates eat very little, need to monitor the strength and self-regulation (feeding gradually from a little to a lot). Hungry fish cannot die for several days.

Other care

- Lighting: fish likes moderate light, so arrange specialized lights for fish. The more light, the broth will be opaque due to algae growth.
- Temperature: check the thermometer and heater, adjust the temperature: 28 - 30oC
- pH: check 2 times / day, suitable pH: 65 - 6.8. It should be noted when changing water, the pH does not differ more than 1 degree / day and night.
- Change the water: depending on the size of fish
- Fish less than 3 months old: 1 time / day, each time 20 - 30%.
- Fish over 3 months: 1-2 times / day, each time: 20 - 80% depending on water source, fish health and farmers' experience, if good water and feed quality management, feeding with Low density can change water less (2 times / week).
- To fish: during the culture process, every 1.5 to 2 months to fish once, before the fish need to prepare water at least 2 days in advance in the new lake, it is best to mix củ tuber juice before 1 day and aeration.