Selecting feng shui ornamental fish

According to Feng Shui, the fish tank represents the Water element, helps regulate yin and yang, bringing good energy to help the owner to be more prosperous and wealthy. Therefore, the selection of feng shui aquarium is extremely important.

Selecting feng shui ornamental fish

Nowadays, bringing aquariums into the family has become quite familiar. According to many people, bringing aquariums to life will bring a lot of fortune. However, not everyone fully understands feng shui  aquarium knowledge  because it depends on a lot of factors such as the location of the aquarium, the shape of the tank, the color, the number of fish, etc.

Feng shui fish tank is only a part of feng shui housing, it also depends on feng shui architecture of the house, must find directions to suit the homeowner, good supply in accordance with the destiny to be opened .

Aquarium location

In terms of the five elements, the aquarium carries onions a symbol of fortune and water to nourish all things. Carpentry is an aquatic plant in the tank. Kim is the structure of the tank like frame, bracket ... Earth is rock, gravel under the tank floor. Fire is red, orange, yellow of the fish.

Normally the aquarium belongs to the waterway, so it should put the dragon branch on the left side of the living room, from the inside looking forward.

In addition, it is also located in the South East Palace to be blessed with fortune, the East is in health, the family, or the North Palace is to bring good luck in career.

Regardless of the aquarium location, keep the following points in mind:

  • The tank must be leaned against the wall to increase its stability, ensuring its fortune.
  • Aquariums must be located near walkways, living rooms or in solemn places.
  • Should put the fish tank in Chu Tuu position (standing in the middle of the house overlooking the main door, the left hand is called Dragon, the right hand is White Tiger, the rear is Huyen Vu, the front is Chu Tuoc) to benefit the talented transport, absolutely not located in Huyen Vu, the water will gather, which will lead to a decline in fortune.
  • In feng shui, the aquarium has a good meaning, so it should be placed in good directions such as North, Northwest or Southeast.
  • Aquariums should be placed in areas with little natural light (sunlight).
  • Should put the fish tank on the left of the main door (from inside the house overlooking) to catch fortune on fortune.
  • Do not place the aquarium on the right side of the house (overlooking the house) as it will bring disadvantages to married life.
  • Do not place the fish tank facing the front door.
  • Do not place the fish tank under the statue to worship the gods, especially the God of God or Mr. Tam Da Phuc - Loc - Tho will commit "the god of water launch", causing the homeowner to become bankrupt.
  • Do not place the fish tank in the kitchen or opposite the kitchen, which will cause material loss and a family discord
  • Do not make use of the stairwell to place an aquarium because the staircase is negative, placing the fish tank here will cause negative energy to accumulate under the stairs.

Aquarium shape

- Round shape (belonging to Kim): Very good because of aquatic life

- Rectangular (belong to Moc): Pretty good.

- Aquarium hexagon (onions of Water): Good for peace.

- Square fish tank (belonging to Tho onion): Not recommended because Tho carved Thuy.

- Fish tank with sharp corners (belonging to Fire element): It is not recommended because Thuy engraved Fire.

Number of fish in the tank

Based on the fate (Par arc in feng shui is different from the network)

- Destiny: Suitable for raising 3 or 8 animals.

- Destiny: Suitable for raising 5 or 10 animals.

- Destiny Kim: Suitable for raising 4 or 9 children.

- Destiny: Suitable for raising 1 or 6 animals.

- Destiny Fire: Suitable to raise 2 or 7 animals.

Based on the Five Elements

- Quantity: 1 unit, belonging to Thuy, which enhances Water, this is a prosperous gas, so it is considered to be sand (good).

- Quantity: 2, belonging to Fire element, causing loss of Hydropower, this gas is consumed, so it is considered bad.

- Quantity: 3 children, belonging to Moc, reducing Thuy, so unfavorable.

- Quantity: 4 children, belonging to Kim, Thuy gas increased to make the gas more prosperous.

- Quantity: 5 animals, belonging to the terrestrial planet, Water gas is carved so it is disadvantageous.

- Quantity: 6 children, belonging to Thủy, Thủy Pneumatic increased so well.

- Quantity: 7 birds, of Fire element, consumes Hydropower, although this gas is not good but bad and bad.

- Quantity: 8 heads, belonging to Moc onion, reducing Hydropower so it is unfavorable.

- Quantity: 9 children, belong to Kim onion.

- Quantity: 10 heads, belonging to Tho, Thuy Hoa group, which is reduced, causing disadvantages.

From 11 children or more: Count as above but leave dozens, for example: 11 children are 1 child - 12 (or 20) children are 2 children.

The color of the fish

- Gold or solid fish: The five feng shui elements of Kim (Kim sinh Thuy) have a good effect on promoting fortune.

- Black, blue, and gray fish (belonging to Thuy) have the ability to promote good fortune.

- Yellow fish (Tho) promote weak fortunes.

- Blue or green (Jupiter) fish oppress water, promoting weak fortunes.

- Red fish (Fire) engraved Kim with a lot of money.

Types of fish to breed

- The blood of a male warrior (originating from Taiwan) is a yin-yang fish, bright red like a fire, topping all kinds of fish in feng shui.

- Dragon Fish (Kim Long) has a luxurious and majestic appearance, beautiful colors, very meaningful to feng shui spirituality. Luckily, the fish has a very long life span.

- Goldfish (Golden Fish) originated from Song Dynasty in China brings a lot of luck.

- Vietnamese or Japanese carp, with a variety of colors, especially scales, tails, with tattoos; Japanese consider it a sign of luck.

- Discus (also known as the five-colored angelfish) originated from South America, is the most beautiful fish among ornamental fish, very good for promoting fortune.

- Arhat fish (u head) brings prosperity and luck.

- Fighting fish (originating from Thailand, Cambodia) with many colors are small fish with the effect of adding five elements.

Aquariuming is an elegant hobby that everyone likes, but if it is found that it has the effect of promoting prosperity, it should be reared.