'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to return

Nam Du Island is not only famous for its charming beaches, it is also blessed with delicious and nutritious products. Discover 9 delicious dishes of Nam Du Island, famous for tourists.

Grilled green fish with bananas

Referring to the most famous seafood dishes in Nam Du Island, you can not ignore grilled green bone fish with banana. Blue bone fish live in the sea in the back water, have tough meat with high nutritional value. 

'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to return
The dish of grilled fish with grilled bananas in Nam Du Island is delicious. Photo: phuquocxanh.com

The people of the island have created the grilled green fish with banana leaf, both delicious and chewy. Fish are surrounded by bananas when baked, so they do not burn but retain the fresh meat. Fish are eaten with raw vegetables dipped in garlic sauce. When coming to Nam Du, you definitely need to enjoy this delicacy to feel the taste of the sea. 

Grilled pineapple onion

The lumen is an animal with many sharp spines living on the sea, making people who at first think that this type will not be edible. However, pineapple meat is considered very good when it can be processed into many different dishes. 

'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to return
Leeks grilled onions unique dish of the people on the island. Photo: clst.ac.vn

The pinch will be cut all sharp spines and then divided into halves to remove all the heart and intestines. After the bum is grilled almost cooked, the fat and the prepared onion will be sprinkled on the meat.

The meat and eggs are soft and smooth, melting right on the tip of your tongue. The hot and fat grilled onion is definitely suitable for enjoying after hours of playing at sea. 

Scallop grilled with grease and onion

Scallops have long been evaluated as a valuable seafood with many nutritional values ​​for people to eat. Among the delicious seafood dishes of Nam Du, it is indispensable for grilled scallops and onion. 


'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to returnScallop grilled with grease and onion has the taste of the sea. Photo: FB Nam Du Travel

Scallops after being intestinal, cleaned will be baked with green onions fried in fat. When scallops start to ripen, there will be a sweet aroma of onion fat combined with the scent of scallop meat. The scallop meat is not chewy but crunchy and soft. You can enjoy grilled scallops grilled with onion and grilled at the coastal barbecue shops on the jetty of Lon Island.

Fish hotpot

Cobia is a fish that is not caught in the wild but is raised in cages in the sea. At Nam Du Island, the cobia is elongated, black is toned with fragrant and chewy fish meat. Therefore, cobia is also processed into a special seafood dish for the islanders to entertain tourists from afar.

'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to return
Spicy and sour fish hotpot for meals after swimming hours. Photo: Fb: dulichgiatot123

Spicy and sour fish hotpot is cooked from clean fish meat combined with fresh tamarind or salted tamarind and chopped turmeric. This is the reason why hot pot always has a sour taste that stimulates the taste of the person eating. The sour taste will warm your hungry stomach after bathing.

Steamed green crabs

The waters of the Nam Du archipelago are also famous for their nourishing, green crabs. Green crabs can be processed into many different dishes such as steamed crabs, grilled crabs, crab hot pot, ... However, according to travelers who have enjoyed, steamed green crabs in Nam Du are the best. 

'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to return
Delicious fresh green crabs attractive from restaurants on the island. Photo: kenhhomestay.com

The crabs are steamed and cooked to taste with fresh beer, dipped with lemon and pepper pepper. You can enjoy steamed crabs at any seafood restaurant on Nam Du Island. The price of steamed crabs is also quite "soft" when it ranges from VND 200,000 - VND 300,000 / kg.

Scallop grill

Cochlear implants can be a new type of snail to many people. However, when coming to Nam Du, you will not find the famous grilled snail statue famous on the seafood restaurants on Lon Island. 

'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to return
The cochlear is baked in a new Nam Du seafood dish Photo: yong.vn

The cochlea lives in the middle of the rocks under the sea with very large size. The cochlear is baked on charcoal and waited until its mouth is opened and the snail's meat begins to cook. You can choose to grill with sauce or onion fat to your liking. The shellfish meat is not drool but crunchy and luscious to create pleasure for the eaters.  

Galangal grilled eel

Traveling to Nam Du Island is also famous for its delicious and delicious galangal grilled eel. Solid eel meat is combined with galangal and batch. When grilled up fragrant smell of fish and galangal create attractive to any customer.

'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to return
Grilled eel smells aromatic fish mingled mixed galangal. Photo: yong.vn

You can enjoy the taste of fish with crispy skin thanks to the exposure to coal. While the flesh inside is fresh and soft, infused with spices, it is very suitable for making dinner on the island. Grilled eel can be eaten alone or with rice, to a strange taste. 

Ginger steamed squid

In the ink, egg ink is always appreciated for its deliciousness and nutrition. Egg squid can be processed into many different dishes. The seafood restaurants on Big island choose steamed egg squid with ginger to "captivate" the tourists.

'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to return
Squid steamed egg with ginger is a familiar but delicious dish in Nam Du Island. Photo blogphuot.info

The sweet taste of squid meat combined with the spicy aroma of ginger drown out the fishy taste to help the person feel better. Many visitors always consider the steamed ginger squid in Nam Du delicious, more flavorful than in many other places, partly because the squid here is very fresh, partly due to the skillful processing of the chef.

Fried fish cakes

Discovering Nam Du seafood dishes is definitely indispensable fried fish dish made from the meat of many types of fish on the island itself. With gifts of the sea, the people of Nam Du island have selected fresh fish meat to make fish pie "sobbing" tourists.

'Eat down' 9 delicious seafood dishes Nam Du island forgot to return
Fried fish pies are popular. Photo: vietravel.com

Grilled fish after being made will be fried in yellow, soft, very suitable mouth. Fish ball can be eaten alone or used to make fish ball noodles, seafood hot pot, etc. In addition, fried fish ball is also many people choose to buy as gifts or buy after eating travel.

Take time to explore the rich cuisine when traveling to Nam Du Island - the remote land of the country.