What do bettas eat?

n the wild, bettas feed on most small insects and larvae of insects. Bettas have their mouths facing upwards, which makes it easier for them to grab prey that falls into the water. The betta's digestive system is suitable for meat consumption because it has a shorter digestive tract than the gastrointestinal tract of plant-eating fish. That's why bettas love to eat raw foods. Live foods suitable for betta fish include types such as larvae, worms, salted worms, Moina.

What do bettas eat?

When living in captivity, you also need to provide more fish for frozen foods such as pureed beef heart, pellets, plants like Chlorella (green algae) ...

1. Fresh food for betta fish

Raw foods are foods that have a high nutritional quality. However, they have the disadvantage that they often contain bacteria and parasites that cause disease in fish. Therefore, before feeding fish need to wash clean.

2. Frozen food for Siamese fighting fish

Frozen foods such as frozen blood worms, frozen Antarctic shrimp are easy to find foods, available at ornamental fish shops. Frozen foods have the advantage of being low in bacteria and parasites.

Cast larvae are the most preferred live food for betta. However, long-term larvae will become mosquitoes, or due to living in sewers, there should be countless parasites attached, so it is easy to cause disease for fish. So, to limit disease in betta fish, you can replace live larvae into frozen larvae. But the market does not have this kind of food, you need to prepare it yourself. Doing:

Step 1: Buy the cast back to pour into a large brass, then cause water to fling toss the bottom. Next remove the impurities floating on the water. Then pick up the larvae that float on the water. Continue to do so many times to salvage all the floating on the water.

Step 2: Put all of the cast into a racket, then rinse the cast with a tap.

Step 3: Put clean cast iron into the staff, spread into a thin layer. For fling cast into the tablature

Step 4: Put the loang toss into the freezer.

Step 5: Remove the cast from the staff and put in the storage box. Every time you feed the fish, you canss and throw them in a sufficient amount, then release them to the tank to feed the fish.

3. Feed form for Siamese fighting fish

This type of food is processed, very convenient and easy to use. However, this type of food makes it easy for the fish to suffer from intestinal diseases and make the water dirty.

Note when using feed pellets:

Do not feed moldy, damp food pellets because of the risk of poisoning and death of fish.

You should choose foods containing ingredients Astacin to stimulate pigment cells, making the color of fish becomes beautiful.

However, it is not advisable to feed fish regularly, but rather live or frozen foods to provide enough nutrients for the fish to grow and at the same time to maintain their instincts. wild.

4. Plant food

In addition to the above foods, you should also supplement the source of nutrition for betta fish with plants such as carrots, radishes, salads ... The feeding method is to cut into small pieces and drop into the tank for fish. eat.