Aquarium technique for beginners

Aquariuming is not only a decoration but also natural feng shui. If you do not know how to raise fish, you will be stunted and then die.

Nowadays, aquarium hobby has become popular. However, to have a perfect indoor aquarium is not easy, requires the knowledge and experience of farmers. To minimize the level of risk when raising, new farmers need to pay attention to the environment, diet, fish stocking, fish stocking techniques, ...

Aquarium technique for beginners

Aquarium hobby has become popular. Photo: Kim Giang ornamental fish

Aquarium water

The problem of water resources for fish farming is an important factor that farmers should pay attention to. Most aquarium water nowadays is tap water. Therefore, it is necessary to treat chlorine before using it to raise fish. It is recommended to keep tap water in brasss, pots, sinks without lids for more than 24 hours, to let tap water self-evaporate chlorine. For higher efficiency and faster, you can place these water containers in a sunny place with plenty of sunlight and turn on an oxygen machine. In addition, it is also possible to use the chlorine solution in tap water sold at pet stores. Small about 5 drops for 20 liters of water, after 5 minutes can be used to feed the fish. However, it should be abused, only applied when urgently needed water, or no time to store chlorinated water.

If you use water from fish wells, you should pay attention that well water usually has low pH of 4.5, as well as low oxygen content, even some areas with well water are heavily contaminated with alum, they need to be treated more carefully. In order to treat fish well water, it must contain well water in tanks, combining powerful oxygen to increase oxygen content and increase pH. Can add crushed corals to the filter box to increase the pH.

How to treat well water contaminated with alum: In addition to the above treatment, activated carbon should be put in the water tank. The average amount of coal accounts for 1/3 of the water tank volume.

Raising ornamental fish with rain water: Cool rainwater will encourage fish to swim in the summer, but rainwater has a low pH, so it needs to be treated like well water and other factors. However, because rainwater makes the aquarium fast with moss, you should limit it.

How to change the aquarium water

Do not suck the old water 100% and replace the new water, we should suck the old water from 30-50% and add new water slowly, so that the fish can adapt, limit the situation of fish sock water due to pH difference and the temperature ...

Limiting the transfer of fish to another tank, if you want to move, you should balance pH and temperature accordingly so that the fish will not be socked or stressed due to changing habitat.

Use a plastic siphon or manual plastic water pump available at your local fish shop and use this manual pump to remove excess food, dregs from the bottom of the tank, and then add fresh water.


Fish should be fed just not to let the left over food to avoid making too much food that affects the quality of your aquarium water.

The fish have a habit of seeing that the bait is to eat, so many people think that the fish are still hungry so eating them will cause the fish to have stomach and die. So feed 2 times / day. (Morning and afternoon) If the fish are left hungry for a few days, they will not die. In addition to dry food, depending on the type of fish we should add fresh food such as fry, brooch, carp bait ...

Light, temperature and oxygen for the aquarium

The appropriate temperature for ornamental fish is from 26 to 28 degrees C. If the difference is a few degrees, the fish is still good. In the South, there is no need to be too concerned about the temperature, if in the North and neighboring provinces have cold climates, you should consider using a thermometer to measure the combined water temperature. with proper usage of the aquarium temperature heater.

Lighting for aquariums: Need to place the aquarium in a cool month, away from direct sunlight, if the aquarium is dark, not breathable for a long time, it can make the fish ill. Depending on the situation, it is possible to use small-capacity lights for the aquarium with a dosage of about several hours per day (Turn on during the day under 8 hours, and turn off at night for fish to rest). If the aquarium is outdoors, it should create shade, limit the impact from sun, rain ...

Need to turn on oxygen for aquarium regularly 24 / 24h, tanks over 60cm should buy more water filters, raising long-term experience, apply more advanced filtration methods such as processing boards, spill filter ... .

According to Mr. Vu Ngoc Binh (owner of an ornamental fish shop on Minh Khai street), the technique of releasing fish when buying into the tank is also very important to avoid the situation of sock of water leading to death. in the lake for about 15 to 20 minutes. then open the top of the bag and draw 1 shift of water from the lake into the fish bag. Then lower the mouth of the bag, open the mouth of the big bag, and slowly pull the bottom of the bag, letting the fish drift out of the bag. Absolutely do not pour immediately 1 time.

Besides, in an aquarium need to choose fish species with the same behavior easy to breed together. Fish living in the same tank to avoid big fish eat small fish or big fish like carp, gold fish .... farming with small fish such as neon, seven colors, fairies ...